Lucrecia Cocucci


Lucrecia joined Corbis Global in 2007 and has grown to become one of the most advanced BIM experts in our studio. She leads the process of assisting our clients in their transition to BIM, designing strategies tailored to their unique needs, and focusing on their goals to maximize ROI. Her natural curiosity is the driving force behind her contribution to developing and implementing BIM Best Practices.

Lucrecia is always eager to share her knowledge with others and has been in charge of our in-house designed Technical REVIT Training Modules for the last few years.

She has worked onsite with our clients in five different countries, including the US, Australia, Germany, Brazil and the UAE. Her projects were mainly related to healthcare and corporate facilities. Besides, she has been honored with four Ovation Awards for all three Corbis Global values: Expertise, Flexibility and Profitability.


Climate Preparedness Report
Seattle Climate Action Planning
Capitol Hill EcoDistrict
Yesler Terrace Master Plan
Alley 111
Bay Terrace Community & Education Center
Trinsic West Seattle