Martin Lopez


Martin, our current Managing Director, joined CorbisGlobal in 2006. He is a young architect with an amazingly broad professional experience that covers all stages of architectural projects. Since he graduated from UNC (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba), one of the top universities in Latin America, he has worked for local and international clients, in the private and public sector.

During his years working for the City of Cordoba, he was the Director of Urban Programs and the Deputy Director of Architecture. The valorization projects of some of the city’s most iconic cultural spaces and parks were under his supervision. As an independent professional, he co-founded CeroUno Arquitectos studio, where he undertook projects of various scales and types. Martin was also part of the team of McLarand, Vazquez, Emsiek & Partners (MVE), rated one of the top 10 studios in the state of California, USA.

Martin is an Associate Professor of History of Latin American Architecture (III-B) at UNC, and has participated in the Urban Planning and Land Management graduate diploma course offered by the Córdoba Society of Architects. He’s also an Editorial Collaborator in several specialized publications related to architectural production in Latin America.


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