Human Capital Director, CGG

Maria Cecilia Cornaglia


ABOUT Maria Cecilia Cornaglia

Cecilia holds a BA in Human Resources and a BA in Psychology, condensing the required skills for leading the Human Resources department of a company whose keystone is people. As Human Capital Director, she is responsible for designing organizational strategies by identifying and researching any difficulties related to our staff. She also provides information, analysis and recommendations for strategic thinking and direction, assuring that HR goals are aligned with organizational objectives. She promotes and implements company values by planning and managing HR programs, as well as directing the staff. With a clinical eye for evaluating employee relations and individual performance, she directs our recruiting programs and counsels managers on candidate selection. Her outstanding communication skills allow Cecilia to be a liaison between staff and upper management, provide orientation and training programs, and offer counseling to employees. Cecilia also ensures that the company’s employment policies comply with federal, state, and local legal requirements. She is, in short, one of the people in our team that makes CorbisGlobal a great place to work at.


  • Certificacion Normas Iso 9001
  • Human Capital Special Tasks
  • IGT Administrative Support
  • Tu Esfuerzo Vale
  • LVigna@Denver
  • YPensa@Newport
  • TAguirre@Newport
  • FGariglio@Denver
  • LCarmignani@Denver
  • LVillagran@Denver