Architect, CST

Daniela Orlando


ABOUT Daniela Orlando

One of our local BIM architects, Daniela’s been of a part of the CorbisStudio staff since 2016. Her detailed way of working has led her to be involved in several projects from the US. As a professional, Daniela is a combination of versatility and special attention to details -a trait that guides everything she does. Her experience in multiple fields, such as figure skating, gives her the distinct ability to adapt to different situations facing each challenge with a creative, open mind. Proficient in AutoCad and Revit, her main goal is to learn how to be an efficient professional every day, while developing problem solving abilities in order to become a reliable team member.


  • CST-GDG Documentation Standards
  • Furnace Creek Inn 66
  • Steyn City - Timeframe 2
  • Block 57 East
  • Steyn City Development
  • Vulcan Lakefront Projects
  • Block 52 West Second Stage
  • Block 21 Development
  • Park and Market