LOCATION: Dubai, United Arab Emirates


BLVD Heights: celebrates a stylish live, work and thrive residential choice in Downtown Dubai, described as ‘The Centre of Now.’ Consisting of 2 towers (G+51 and G+46) with twin residential tower usage.


The scope of work required will cover all items necessary to complete the related works for a Virtual Model and Coordination for the BLVD Heights Towers Corbis Global scope of work will cover at a minimum, the following: 1] The production of a BIM model of the project from Schematic Design stage (now completed) through to the end of Detailed Design Development stage. 2] The Design development documentation drawings will cover the following disciplines: a) Architecture ONLY. 3] The BIM Model supplied by Corbis Global will: 3.1] be geometrically accurate as per industry standards and information available, free of clashes for the tolerances set in the BEP, and include all specified building systems and disciplines as co ordinated with the Perkins Will team. 3.2] have all elements included in the model to have the same unique identifier as shown in the various schedules supplied by the various disciplines. (Accuracy of non completed modelling by others, will not be responsibility of Corbis except for audit and reporting) 3.3] be LOD300 level detail. 3.4] have a level of intelligence / metadata associated with all elements that includes at a minimum, parametric data in order for Perkins Will to perform Analytical Exercises on the model as required. (Accuracy of non completed modelling by others will not be responsibility of Corbis , except for audit and reporting) 3.5] have Model Hatch Patterns and not Drafting Patterns to the exact Geometry as per Specified Products i.e. Natural Stone Tiles, Acoustic Ceiling Tiles etc. Hatch Pattern to be to exact size and layout visible in 3- Dimensions so as to avoid rework and Coordination Issues between Services i.e. Stone Layout on Wall to be Co-ordinated with Light Socket, Thermostat, Switch positions on walls etc. 3.6] have elements created as per the fire rating and compartmentalization required to produce life safety drawings as per Perkins Will requirements. (elements used in this process will be taken from information/content and co ordination available to Corbis from relevant consultants) 3.7] acknowledge that systematic incorporation of all updates and changes submitted by Perkins Will and it’s sub-consultants will be reviewed, if necessary corrected and incorporated into the BIM model in a timely manner that conforms to the timelines and milestones established within the agreed schedules. 4] To be responsible for all Work to the satisfaction of Perkins Will within Industry standards, even if not expressly specified or indicated in the Design Drawings, Specifications and other Documents at the Schematic Design stage but as required for a thorough and complete set of drawings for the Work in every respect. Any scope considered by Corbis Global to be outside of the agreed scope will be raised by Corbis with Perkins Will for discussion, and a suitable agreement for all parties is to be resolved. (refer to item 6) 5] Acknowledge that modeling and coordination are, by their nature an iterative processes that will involve many changes throughout the course of this work and that these changes are included in the scope of work. 6] Owner initiated changes i.e., Change Order Requests and Architectural Supplemental Instructions and changes outside of the normal scope that materially affect the agreed to scope of work to be priced and approved on a case-by-case basis. 7] Corbis Global to furnish all staffing, equipment software and administration support necessary to complete all modeling, coordination and supply all drawings covered by the agreed scope of work. ( except for On Site Coordinators located in the Perkins+Will Offices) and content use for all virtual modeling and coordination work. 8] Coordination and cooperation during scope of work to cover: 8.1] Protocol’s and Guidelines for Coordination and procedures to be established between Service Provider and Perkins Will to include, but not be limited to, materials, project specific content, project specific details, code required details, modeling tolerances and allowable clashes; The items listed above can be discussed and agreed in the Kick Off Meeting before commencing the scope, or in subsequent meetings during the project life. 8.2] A BIM Coordination and Execution Plan to be provided to create and manage systems and drawing naming conventions, file folder management and file setup. 8.3] Producing a Coordination Drawing Review Checklist agreed to by Perkins Will and Corbis Global, that verifies specific drawing requirements to be addressed in the coordinated model. A Coordination Drawing Review Checklist to be provided with the issuance of each coordinated area that confirms each drawing issue contains standard Quality Assurance/Quality Control items to ensure modeling integrity. The contents and review items for checking to be liaised and co ordinated at the Kick off Meeting before commencement of the project. 8.4] Performance of all Work in full cooperation with Perkins Will sub-consultants to establish material database within the native software. 8.5] Participating in weekly coordination meetings with Perkins Will and the subconsultants via videoconference/teleconference calls or as needed to address system coordination issues. 8.5.1] all comments made in the co-ordination meeting by way of mark up and saved views. 8.5.2] record of all clash detection reports to be submitted with each zone and area drawing issuance. (Clash detection reporting offered as a seperate line item in the fee section of this proposal) 8.5.3] an auditable archive, documenting which element was moved, what action was taken, and all clashes detected to be available to the project team posted weekly to the project server or SharePoint site as determined by Perkins Will. 9] Submission of electronic files to be in PDF and/or DWF and native modeling software formats along with 2D AutoCAD DWG, of draft and completed BIM models at regular intervals as coordinated with Perkins Will. Xcel files will also be supplied as requested by Perkins Will. 10] Software requirements are as follows: 10.1] Autodesk Revit 2014 (Architecture or Autodesk Revit 2014 Suite), Autodesk AutoCAD 2014 with TSI Content and Autodesk NavisWorks Manage 2014. 10.2] All virtual coordination models will be created in accordance to Stantec requirements. 11] 2D DRAWINGS, DETAILED DESIGN AND TENDER DOCUMENTATION REQUIREMENTS: 11.1] Perkins Will to transmit examples of required documentation i.e. DD Packages of all disciplines that requires Production