LOCATION: Dubai, United Arab Emirates


The Khalifa University (KU) existing Campus in Abu Dhabi offers Undergraduate and Post-Graduate degree programs in Engineering. Following the vision of Abu Dhabi 2030, the Khalifa University extension project envisaged to expand the knowledge economy by diversifying its program to include strategic high-technology sectors like Aerospace, Biomedical and Healthcare, National Security, Telecommunications and Information Technology, Nuclear Energy, Transport and logistics. The 154,472 sqm building encompasses: • 5 floors • 30 core/stairs ( 13 different types aprox) • 1 auditorium • 1 lecture hall • Sport hall • Car parking


Corbis Studio provided modeling and documentation services during DD and CD stages, using BIM Technologies (Revit 2013), to deliver approximately 557 A1 size Architectural and Interiors drawings. Some responsibilities of Corbis Studio were: • Producing the Revit Model to the agreed Level of Detail 200 for DD and 300 for CD based on AIA document E202-2008-Building Information Modelling Protocol Exhibit, based on instructions received by the client • Producing and coordinating the drawings to show the design and technical details. • Drafting the details, and coordinating this information throughout the documents. As part of our business model, we allocated one on site coordinator for the duration of the project to sit at the client office.